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Magnifica Cachaça : the hidden gem from the mountains of Rio de Janeiro

In 1985, Joao Luis de Faria engages in the adventure of bringing a great tradition back to life, producing a single-estate cachaça in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. Produced from three varieties of home grown sugar canes harvested near Vassouras, culminating at 800 meters above the sea level, the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice is fermented thanks to natural endemic yeasts, and then distilled through a triple alambic allowing for a unique 52% distillate that will be lowered to 40% Alc/Vol. with the local rainforest water. 

Magnifica Cachaça de Faria is recognized as the reference cachaça to make the original Caïpirinha in most of Rio de Janeiro's bars and restaurants, and is considered as one of the best aged cachaça in Brazil. Using the local "Ipé" wood (two years for the Tradicional Ipé), and eventually ex-American Bourbon barrels (one year Ipé + two years ex-Bourbon barrels for the Extra Premium), Magnifica is one of the only Cachaça producers mastering the soleira ageing system using 3 to 15 years old distillates to create an unprecedented aged cachaça. 

Learn more about Joao Luis de Faria and the story of Cachaça here: https://www.cachacamagnifica.com.br/en/home.html 

Magnifica Cachaça joins G&S Export to expend its European distribution in July 2020, contact philip@gs-export.com for export opportunities.