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Ron Carupano : the authentic taste of Venezuelan Ron

Destilería Carúpano is located in the Hacienda Altamira in the Macarapana-Carúpano valley, a low altitude area at sea level where a particular microclimate develops with a high degree of relative humidity from Caribbean Sea breezes and high temperatures.

With more than 250 years of rum mastery, the distillery manages to create aged rum blends that best fit different occasions, always respecting the D.O.C. Ron de Venezuela and using very small amounts of sugar (<5gr./L) making Ron Carúpano one of the most appreciated rum producer in Venezuela. 

Destilería Carúpano’s rums have an additional magic touch. Their conception rests on the shoulders of the only female Master Blender in the Country: Carmen López de Bastidas, who has, for the past 30 years, been passionately developing the profiles of the unique products in Destilería Carúpano.

To learn more about Ron Carúpano, visit https://www.roncarupano.com/en/ or contact philip@gs-export.com for export opportunities.